Pathways of Love

How to Override Our Brain's Responses to Someone Else's Feelings February 8, 2019 With Valentines Day rapidly approaching…. It is no secret that within relationships we are expected to support…

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Holiday Giving

December 21, 2018 Some of you may be frantically scrambling to buy for everyone on your gift list, and we want to gently and lovingly remind you to take a…

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New Year Resolution

December 29, 2017 I am not much of a history buff, but I found the origins and the development of New Year resolutions fascinating. Did you know the ancient Babylonians…

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New Year Resolution
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What Makes for Happiness?

December 11, 2017 Christmas carolers and mall music remind us that this “is the happiest time of the year.”  This Advent/Christmas season is an opportunity to reflect on what truly…

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No Turkey Necessary

November 15, 2017 Just about every American can tell you Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November.  Just about every American finds some way to acknowledge their gratitude on the…

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Holiday Fun!

December 23, 2016 The Board of Directors and staff of NCC got together Christmas week for breakfast, pictures with Santa, and a fun art team project all themed around social…

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