One Size Does Not Fit All

April 20, 2018 One of the tools available to people trying to learn how to be happy – or how not to be unhappy – is self-help books, articles, podcasts,…

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Feeding the Wolves

April 10, 2018 At one time or another, we have all struggled with trying to let go of ruminating thoughts about an injustice or insult we have experienced.  What was…

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Feeding the Wolves
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March 2, 2018 Not too many of us would see compassion as negative. Hopefully it is something we all desire to give and receive.  But, what about self-compassion?  Do we…

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Prove It!

February 15, 2018 We have all felt that or said that in subtle ways.  It’s a great conversation ender and it’s quite unfortunate. Many of us operate at times in…

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Prove It!
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New Year Resolution

December 29, 2017 I am not much of a history buff, but I found the origins and the development of New Year resolutions fascinating. Did you know the ancient Babylonians…

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New Year Resolution
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What Makes for Happiness?

December 11, 2017 Christmas carolers and mall music remind us that this “is the happiest time of the year.”  This Advent/Christmas season is an opportunity to reflect on what truly…

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How to Succeed with Electronics

November 30, 2017 The plan was a relaxing weekend at the beach. I had a book I wanted to finish and enjoyed spending time with the characters in the story.…

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How to Succeed with Electronics
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No Turkey Necessary

November 15, 2017 Just about every American can tell you Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November.  Just about every American finds some way to acknowledge their gratitude on the…

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