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Sr. Lisa Sheridan, OSM, LPC is a co-founder of The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (NCC). She began as Business Administrator, the only support staff member to the therapists. This position helped develop in her a deep awareness of the many unmet needs in mental health as she worked with intake, insurance companies, and the finances of the Center.

Lisa temporarily left the Counseling Center to earn her Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and specialized in gerontology. During her absence she participated in “long distance” training of new support staff members.

As a native of Portland, she was happy to return to the Northwest and the Counseling Center, serving as a therapist and assisting in the daily operations of the Center. Lisa states, “Counseling is a very humbling profession. Your client allows you to enter into some of the most difficult times and experiences of their life. I believe as a counselor some of the most important elements of your role is to offer a safe place, compassion, and to allow your client to know they are heard and valuable. Quite often you learn your client has developed skills and heals.”

In 2007, Lisa was offered a position with the Servants of Mary as the Director of their Associates (individuals who have an affinity with the sisters and their charism of compassion). She has maintained a small private practice in Omaha, Nebraska. She has also served on Servants of Mary’s International leadership team and currently is on their leadership team for the United States.

As a co-founder, Sr. Lisa is part of The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center’s Member Corporation.