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Sr. Sarah Deeby, OSM, LPC is a co-founder of The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center (NCC). Due to the recession of the 1980s and lack of mental health care resources, a group of parishes banded together to bring Sarah out to Portland. Having 15 years of teaching experience, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Detroit, and a certification in the Family Therapy Program from the Menninger Foundation, Sarah was a natural fit for this new adventure. From the very beginning, NCC provided professional mental health care to all, regardless of faith or finance.

Throughout her 33 years of serving at NCC, Sarah primarily worked with families and children. She served as the liaison between the Center and the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Portland, seeing students at the NCC offices and consulting by phone with principals and teachers, making presentations to classes, and creating customized plans for struggling students in schools.

In 2019, Sarah was elected to a leadership position within the Servants of Mary, her religious community, based in Omaha, Nebraska. Chosen as Assistant Prioress of the US/Jamaican Community, Sr. Sarah is now responsible for community business ranging from caring for elderly sisters to the care of the Motherhouse property. She resides in Omaha, but stays involved in NCC as she is able.

As a co-founder, Sr. Sarah is part of The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center’s Member Corporation.